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    • Is model 4467 made in the US or China?

      This item was made in the U.S.A., along with this circle pizza stone:

    • Can I leave my stone in the oven all the time? For instance, I’m making lasagna, can the stone stay in the oven while I’m baking other things. Will it effect the oven temperature?

      The Old Stone Oven Pizza Stone is made of heat-retaining clays that can withstand high temperatures. With repeated use, the stone will harden and improve its baking qualities. The pizza stone is perfectly capable of withstanding a significant amount of heat - up to 2000-degrees fahrenheit in an oven or on a grill - so leaving it in your oven will not be a problem. 

    • Is this stone made in the US.

      Yes, this pizza stone is made in the U.S.A., as is this round stone:

    • Can your Old Stone Oven Rectangular Clay Pizza Stone be used on a Weber gas grill? Thanks.

      Yes. Our pizza stones are also intended for grill use. Please note the maximum temperature recommended is 500-degrees.

    • What is the temperature rating for this stone? I've had two crack, my gas oven does to 650 degrees.

      The max temperature recommended is 500-degrees.

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