So Fresh Laundry Bag With Divider, Coastal Collection

  • 100% cotton laundry bag with sewn-in divider 
  • Two compartments for dark and light clothes makes separating laundry a breeze
  • Fun, graphic print bag with drawstring top
  • Dimensions: 26” x 38”
  • LBG-07884

Your dark and white laundry deserve an equal opportunity to be awesome. This fun Cotton Laundry Bag Sorter from our Coastal Collection helps your dirtiest duds achieve greatness. Now separating laundry before it hits the wash has never been easier, thanks to its sneaky sorting ability. Each compartment holds a full load of white and dark clothes while a sewn-in divider keeps them from squabbling. The laundry bag also complements your other Coastal Collection faves to break up the boredom of choredom. At the end of the day, your whites and darks come out of the wash sparkling and you’re left thinking, “The only thing that would make this bag any better is if it would actually do my laundry.” 

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