30-Inch Holiday Wreath Storag, Red

by honeycando.com
  • Accommodates wreathes up to three feet, or 30” in diameter 
  • Convenient, comfortable carrying handles for easy transport
  • Keeps holiday wreath free from dust, dirt and unwanted pets
  • Durable 600-d polyester
  • PVC backed so won’t rip or tear
  • Easy-open zipper
  • Dimensions: 30" in diameter x 5"H
  • Item #: SFT-01596

That front door of yours has never looked as good as it did this year. That brand new 2.5-foot-round wreath you got last month seemed like it was shining three blocks away all holiday season long. Heck, even your mother-in-law complimented you on it. But now it’s time to put it away, and if you want it to shine as brightly next year, opt for this Christmas Wreath Storage Bag. Simple to carry with comfy handles, the container keeps your wreath in tact and clean from unwanted basement and storage room dust. Hanging it back up for the whole block to see ten months from now will be what you’re looking forward to. Well, that and your in-laws invading your home again for the holidays, right? 

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