9-inch Bamboo Drawer Organizer

by honeycando.com
Sold out
  • Stores kitchenware, office supplies or small personal items
  • Bamboo material easily renewable and environmentally friendly
  • Dimensions when open: 9”L x 6”W x 2.5”H
  • KCH-7641

You’re like a chameleon, you have many colors. You float easily from your home office down to the kitchen for lunch and up to your bedroom at the end of another eventful day. And along with your many colors come many things… things that need organized. Enter the Bamboo Drawer Organizer. From pencils, pens and scissors to knives and forks, use this organizer on its own or combine together in multiples to keep your space tidy and your mind uncluttered as you pull open that drawer for the tenth time today. And don’t let the word “drawer” fool you, its easy-on-the-eyes bamboo finish lets you drop your favorite necklaces into it at the end of each day and keep it right there on your bedroom shelf in plain sight.

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