4-Tier Wire Storage Shelf, White

by honeycando.com
Save 13%
  • Add vertical storage to any room in the home
  • Steel shelf with durable epoxy finish
  • Brings kitchen, bathroom, garage or closet storage ideas to life
  • Easy assembly with screwdriver
  • SHF-05270

You were looking for new closet storage ideas when your sweaters requested a sit down with you. Not only did they ask you to stop putting them on hangers, but they suggested you straighten up your shoe collection, too. That’s when you decided it was time to restore order to your closet with this 4-Tier Wire Storage Shelf. It can tame your wardrobe gone wild, and it’s also versatile enough to help with your pantry organization ideas, giving your garments or your garbanzo beans plenty of breathing room. Its durable yet light weight, making it convenient no matter your DIY needs. Easy to assemble, this small shelf helps you tidy up any room in the house.

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