Joyce Chen Cookware


Joyce Chen designed and patented a flat bottom wok with a handle in 1970. It was this ingenuity that marked a life’s work to make the authentic flavors and classic techniques of Chinese cuisine attainable in more American kitchens.

It’s this spirit - to blend the authentic with the accessible - that lives on today in the cookware that bears her name.

So much so that the wok has become a centerpiece for creative cooking of all types and tastes.


A healthier cooking alternative

Stir Fry Pans

More pan depth means more versatile cooking

Cut It Up

Stainless steel blades bring strength and precision

12-inch carbon steel stir fry pan with ergonomic handle
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14-inch nonstick wok with bakelite handles plus lid
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14-inch nonstock wok with bakelite handles
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14-inch carbon steel wok with bakelite handles
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bamboo steamers
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Some woks need to be seasoned. Seasoning your cast iron or carbon steel wok creates a protective coating
inside the wok called a patina. After seasoning, every time you cook with oil it creates a natural, non-stick
cooking surface, which leads to the ultimate taste and cooking experience.