24 Wood Clothespins w/ Spring

by honeycando.com

wood w/metal spring, 24pk "24pk birch wood with metal spring clothespins
Clothespin Size: 3.3 in L x .394 in W x .512 in H (8.4 cm L x 1 cm W x 1.3 cm H)

Item Packaging: Color, folded card with cardboard peggable tag, shrinkwrapped, pack size 6.3 in L x 1.18 in W x 3.35 in H (16 cm L x 3 cm W x 8.5 cm H), 0.38lbs/0.17kgs. Artwork Version: 111017 - All packaging cards should be folded sharply with hard creases

12pcs/master carton: 11.12 in L x 6.8 in W x 6.25 in H (28.2 cm L x 17.3 cm W x 15.9 cm H), 5lbs/2.268kgs. New 5-Ply corrugated cardboard sealed with transparent gummed tape. Shipping marks on 2 sides. GTIN Label 20811434013740

Quality Inspection Standard: ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 SINGLE SAMPLING PLAN, AQL 0/2.5/4.0
1. Product: No workmanship, appearance, or functional defectives including but not limited to; poor assembly, dirt marks, chips, scratches, burns, or other visual or functional defects.
2. Functional Test: Sample level G-II, as per intended design
3. UPC Scannable Test: Sample level fixed, 3pcs/item
4. Unit Size Check: Sample level fixed, 3pcs/item within tolerance +/-5%
5. Unit Weight Check: Sample level fixed, 3pcs/item within tolerance +/-5%
6. Loading Test: Fixed sample level-3pcs/item. Must withstand 2lbs (0.908kg) for 1hr with failure or degradation
7. Drop Test: Fixed sample level-1ctn/item. Per ISTA-1A standard"

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