30L & 5L Rectangular Trash Can Set, White

by honeycando.com
  • Soft-close lids keep fingers safe
  • Powder white coating shines fabulously in any room
  • Rectangular shape lets you slide these in to snug spaces.
  • Dimensions- 30L: 14"L x 12"W x 25"H  |  5L: 8.5"L x 7"W x 12"H
  • Purchase includes two trash cans 
  • Item #: TRS-07637

No matter the room, this soft-close trash can set gets the job done. No need to worry about smashed fingers or banging trash can lids  - simply step down on the bottom bar to open and let technology close the lid softly and smoothly. Separate trash from recycles in the kitchen or use the 5L trash can in a bathroom or office.  Easy bag installation and removal makes this trash can set a breeze to interact with, so bring them in and let them do their thing.

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