Sports Equipment Storage Shelving Unit, Chrome

  • Three pull-out baskets ideal for sports equipment storage
  • Three flat shelves provide additional storage space
  • Sturdy chrome unit holds up to wear and tear
  • Each basket holds up to 40 pounds
  • Wheels allow for easy portability when reorganizing your garage or basement

 Let's play ball! Leave the days of having the kids sports equipment strewn all over the yard/garage/basement/house/fill in the blank. With this storage unit perfect for all their gear, it will all now be in one place, ready whenever that active streak arrives and you're ready for some competition. Baskets large enough for bats and rackets and sturdy enough to hold up to 40 pounds each. This unit is versatile enough to double play as a great kitchen, basement or garage storage unit as well, ideal for towels, dishes, auto accessories and more.

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