Laptop Desk With Carrying Handle, Indigo

  • Portable computer table top turns any place into a workplace or creative space
  • Ideal for students, travelers, and persons and work-at-home
  • Small in-padding compartment for securing chords
  • Solid top surface combats heat emitted from laptops and tablets
  • Ideal size for laptop computers
  • Use as a portable writing desk or portable art desk
  • Dimensions: 23” L x 16” W x 2.5”H
  • TBL-06320

You’re the creative type—the kind who always has a story on your mind, an art project baking on the backburner. That’s why this Portable Laptop Desk with Built-in Handle is your trusty sidekick no matter where you go. It’s chic and compact in terms of laptop ergonomics, while its lightweight design makes it more savvy than a triple word score. You can rely on solid MDF construction to keep the surface cool when you’re working through a hot idea, and a hidden compartment to secure those pesky cords. A perfect size to fit your laptop computer or tablet, your new best friend has arrived.

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