Mesh Laundry Bag- Red


Red Mesh 24X36" w/drawstring "Mesh Laundry Bag- Red
Dimensions: 25 in L x 36 in H (63.5 cm L x 91.4 cm H)
Fine Mesh 60g/m2, red with white drawstring, white plastic clasp

Functional Testing Requirements:
Workmanship/Appearance/Function Defectives: No holes, dirty marks, missing sewing, untrimmed threads, or other visual defects
Functional test: As per intended design
UPC scannable test: Readable as per client's requirement
Unit size check: Within tolerance +/- 5%
Unit weight check: Within tolerance +/- 5%
Drop test: Must pass ISTA-1A Carton Drop Test
Loading test: Withstand load of 4.8kgs for 1hr without failure
Color fastness test: To friction with water temperature 30-60 degrees C, without color fading
Smell check: No strong or offensive odors
Pull Test: Pull on all metal parts attached to the bag and handle (lock, ring, etc.). Make sure all metal parts are correctly attached to the fabric of the bag. Pull on the handle with force to make sure all parts are well fixed and the seam of the handle is not too close to the handle's end
Strength of seaming check: Quality of the seaming, no breakage when pull on it by hand
Stiches per inch/cm check: As per Client’s requirement / Reference sample

1pc/clear, heat sealed PP bag 0.04mm 0.5x8x10""(1.3x20.3x25.4cm) with 4-color J-card
10pcs/inner bag: 5.196 in L x 9.65 in W x 9.84 in H (13.2 cm L x 24.5 cm W x 25 cm H), GTIN label 20811434011623
50pcs/master carton - 5-Ply corrugated cardboard, transparent gummed tape, no staples or banding, 25.98 in L x 9.65 in W x 9.84 in H (66 cm L x 24.5 cm W x 25 cm H), 12.45lbs/5.65kgs, GTIN label 30811434011620"

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