6-Pack Old Stone Oven Baking Tiles

by honeycando.com

Honey-Can-Do Old Stone Oven's 4448 Set of 6 Baking Tiles, Natural. A set of baking stones for home oven use reminiscent of the stone baking ovens of earlier times. Thicker than other stones available, our pizza stones have a porosity and heat retention that is perfect for a good crust. Now you can duplicate crispy pizzeria quality pizza - crust and all- in a standard kitchen oven! Stone is a pure ceramic product made of clays fired at over 2000-degrees Fahrenheit. Also ideal for re-crisping last night's pizza, baking frozen pizza slices or getting a crispy crust on focaccia or bread. Use this set of six baking tiles to line your oven shelves to create a true stone oven environment for unmatched pizza and bread baking. Can also be used individually.

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