Extra Large Wire Dish Drying Rack, Chrome

by honeycando.com
  • Ideal for drying plates, silverware and glasses
  • Large frame maximizes dish drying capabilities
  • Chrome finish fits any kitchen décor
  • Pair with Honey Can Do Dish Drying Mat, in multiple colors
  • Dimensions: 15.35”L x 20.87”W x 4.96”H
  • KCH-07659

Dishes! There’s that never-ending chain of dishes that inevitably keeps coming at you as you stand at the sink after a long day, and the dishwasher just broke. Don’t sweat it. With the Extra Large Wire Dish Drying Rack, wash ‘em up and easily arrange multiple plates, glasses, mugs, silverware and small kitchen tools to dry quickly and evenly. Now you can help Max study for tomorrow’s spelling test or simply pour that glass of Cabernet you’ve been thinking about since that 3:00 meeting ended. And when they dry, have Max put them away with you so you can stay in your happy place where chore time meets quality time.

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