Nesting Tea Stained Woven Baskets Set of 3, Coastal Collection

  • Tightly woven portable storage baskets
  • Each bin fits into the other to take up less space when not in use
  • Natural baskets in lightly stained, soothing colors
  • Elevates home storage and organization ideas
  • Two lift handles per bin
  • Ideal for extra closet storage or organizing clothes
  • STO-07883
  • Dimensions
    • Small 11"x11"
    • Medium 13.4"x13.4"
    • Large 15.75"x15.75"

You were wondering how to organize your room when you moved into your new apartment. It was small, after all, and closet space was at a premium. Luckily these Nesting Storage Bins from our Coastal Collection entered your life to save you space in style. Their naturally woven exteriors neatly fit into one another when not in use. You love how they provide you with extra closet storage and are completely portable with their sturdy lift handles. Sometimes they double as bins for extra linens, off-season clothing or a new play arena for your cat. Whatever their function, you delight in the way the soothing hues calm down all the clutter.

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