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    • Can I purchase replacement bags for this unit?

      No we do not carry replacement bags for this unit.

    • Are the bags machine washable?

      The bags are machine washable, however a delicate hand wash produces less wear and tear and give your bags more longevity.

    • What is the dimension of the bags?

      The dimensions of the bags are 9.5"W x 13"D. The height ranges from 19" in the front to 23" in the back of the bag.

    • I have the same question. The ironing board has a thin muslin fabric covering foam over particle board. Neither of those materials seems to be appropriate for the high heat of an iron. I'm afraid the foam would melt. I guess i can use it as a shelf but it is such an odd size that I would have to buy heat resistant fabric and make a cover if you don't make a cover to fit the top. The unit should be advertised as having a folding table top rather than an ironing board. I have several other Honey Can Do laundry related products and so I trusted the brand. This is a disappointment.

      The ironing board cover is 8-oz. cotton fabric and 100% heat resistant. Cotton is the safest heat-bearing fabric for ironing boards. The 10mm-thic foam padding is also heat safe. All fabric will scorch if an iron sits on it, obviously, but you can feel confident using it as you would any ironing board, but as you would with any other ironing board, do not leave the iron on and face down on the ironing board.


    • Do you have an ironing board cover for this product?

      This comes already complete with its ironing board cover and that is the only cover we have for this item.