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    • where can I get the physical dimensions for each of the 24pc Snap-lock food storage containers

      240ml container: 4.96 in L x 3.43 in W x 1.65 in H
      400ml container: 6.10 in L x 4.25 in W x 2.17 in H
      700ml container: 7.44 in L x 5.12 in W x 2.52 in H
      0.5L container: 8.66 in L x 5.98 in W x 2.83 in H
      1L container: 4.30 in L x 4.30 in W x 2.40 in H
      1.2L container: 5.24 in L x 5.24 in W x 2.83 in H
      1.5L container: 6.18 in L x 6.18 in W x 3.23 in H
      2L container: 7.17 in L x 7.17 in W x 3.62 in H