5-Piece Dinnerware Storage Set, White

by honeycando.com
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  • Safely stores fine china and special-occasion dishes
  • Cushioned quilted cloth with smooth-glide zippers
  • Stores complete services, up to 12 place settings
  • Includes 12” dinner plate case, 10”salad plate case, 8.5” dessert plate cases and 7” saucer plate case + cup chest with chipboard divider
  • Item #: SFT-01630

Your china dishware comes out once, maybe twice per year, but when it comes out, it’s a special occasion. And when the time has passed, you want to ensure that dishware is safely stored til that next special occasion, so you store them in this 5-piece dinnerware storage set, with its cushioned cloth that protects your dinnerware and the ability to store several different types of pieces. This is ideal for a housewarming gift or bridal registry.

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