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    • What is the width of the Perch Bigger Biggy? Is it wider than the Perch Wall Plate that it attaches to? I have 5 Perch Wall Plates installed side by side, touching each other. If the Bigger Biggy is wider than the support wall plate then would I not be able to have other attachments on the Wall Plates beside it? Thank you!

      The Bigger Biggy is 13.1"W x 9.5"H x 3.5"D.

      The wall plates are 10" wide, so it does extend slightly beyone the wall plates. You can see this in the main image with the pink file folders, that it extends beyond the width of the wall plate.

    • What is the least expensive method of shipping to Canada. Will duty and Canadian taxes be added on when it arrives in Winnipeg?

      We have ground shipping to Canada but the customer is responsible for duty and taxes upon arrival.