Adjustable Clothes Drying Rack & Laundry Sorter Combo on Wheels

  • Combo makes for all-in-one laundry center
  • Three baskets for easy laundry separation
  • Adjustable height for convenience
  • Wheels provide easy mobility for laundry center
  • Model #: SRT-01237

You’re on the run. Every second of every day – from answering those work emails to school to the store to soccer practice. Laundry is the ultimate chore as it continues to pile up. Fret no more. This clothes rack and laundry hamper is compact and filled with functionality to keep your days efficient. Hang dry your favorite dresses on the drying rack and that vintage t-shirt you don’t want shrunk and separate clothes by color or family member. And the wheels keep it on the move so it’s able to keep up with you.

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