Wicker Corner Hamper with Laundry Bag, Bamboo

by honeycando.com
  • Hamper fits snugly into any corner in any room
  • Moisture-resistant material
  • Machine-washable cotton canvas liner
  • Liner easily removes for mobility
  • HMP-01618

It’s never ending. The piles keep growing while your will to complete the laundry keeps shrinking. Not only that, but the overflow has found its way into the middle of the room because your clunky hamper just can’t find a home that suits you. This corner hamper with its own cotton canvas laundry bag will do the trick as it politely backs its way into any corner, while still having the capacity to hold several loads of laundry. And its subtle style lends itself to any room you might need it in. Now you can smile as you head out for an evening run without worry. The laundry can wait.

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