Square Wicker Bamboo Hamper with Bag

by honeycando.com
  • Square hamper made of renewable and sustainable materials
  • Contemporary wicker design and sturdy steel frame
  • Convenient removable canvas hamper bag
  • Sort dirty laundry, clothes, towels and more
  • Ideal for bathroom and closet organization
  • HMP-01620

You’ve been adulting for years—now it’s time your laundry bin catches up to you. This Square Wicker Bamboo Hamper with Hamper Bag is the perfect home organization piece to make you step back and think, “Yes, my dirty laundry has come a long way.” Passer-byers at dinner parties praise it for both its eco-conscious construction and genuine good looks. You like how its removable canvas hamper bag makes laundry day a breeze. And while it currently enjoys the good life as your trusted bathroom hamper, it may some day find a second home in your walk-in closet or holidaying near your washer and dryer.

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