Folding Triple Laundry Sorter, White/Chrome

  • 3-compartment hamper makes sorting laundry a breeze
  • Ideal laundry basket for separating lights and darks
  • Integrated fold-over cover keeps dirty laundry concealed and tidy
  • 3-bin sorter ideal for organizing laundry for the whole family
  • Durable chrome-plated steel frame holds large loads
  • Breathable poly-cotton bag; folding hamper stores easily
  • Dimensions: 23” L x 16” W x 26.5” H
  • HMP-01236

You can hardly keep up with the twins, let alone their laundry. There’s Jake’s pee-wee soccer practice, Justin’s pee-wee pottery class, and then there is the full-size battle that you call laundry day. Good thing this Folding Triple Laundry Sorter helps you reign in the chaos. The three section hamper helps you separate lights and darks before they take the plunge into your machine. And while it may work best as a laundry sorter, it can also double as a device for storing towels, blankets and fresh bed linens that smell like your second wind.

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