Double Commercial Cereal Dispenser, Metallic & Chrome



  • Heavy-duty for commercial use but also suitable for the everyday kitchen
  • Holds up to 17.5 ounces of food per cereal container
  • Dispenses 1 ounce per twist
  • Preserves freshness for up to 45 days to minimize waste
  • Perfect for cereal, candy, granola, nuts, beans, rice and more
  • Commercial grade design; steel construction and stain-resistant
  • Portion control to promote healthy living
  • Dimensions: 14" L x 8"W x 16"H 
  • KCH-06146

Your cereal consumption is borderline obsessive. See your options a little more clearly with this Triple Canister Dry Food Cereal Dispenser crafted from commercial grade stainless steel. It’s a professional container that takes cereal-ing just as seriously as you do. You’ll feel at ease knowing that the soft rubber paddle wheel will handle your almond nut clusters with care as they tumble down the chute into your bowl. A visually stunning addition to any kitchen, you can also fill them with oatmeal, granola, nuts and more distant cousins of your cereal family.

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