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    • What is the shipping dimensions for this item?

      The shipping dimensions are approximately 18.5" x 7.5" x 25.5".

      Hope that helps.

      P.S. This item is currently out of stock with an expected arrival date in our warehouse of end of May.

    • Is this available in black or can it be back ordered?

      We do not have the 5-tier available but we do have the 4-tier with the 250-lb shelf capacity.


    • What are the dimensions of this shelving unit?

      If you scroll through the product page images you can see one with the dimensions:

      This unit is 24"W x 72"H x 18"D

    • I'd like an additional shelf for the SHF-01054. Can I buy 1 separately? Thanks

      Here is a link to a page on our site where you can purchase an additional shelf.


      Hope that helps.

    • Is the spacing of the shelves flexible or must they be placed in a specific place?

      Shelves height can be adjusted at 1-inch intervals.