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    • Do these casters work with the SHF-01055?

      Unfortunately they do not.

      Scroll through the images and you will see this image that lists all the shelving units with which the casters coordinate.

    • What is the thread size of these casters? I think I own this rack. Is there any model numbers on your racks? I think the whole is a quarter inch.

      The threads on this are 3/8 – 16 which are coarse threads.

    • Can these be used with the shelving that has self-leveling legs? 5-tier 36" by 18" by 72"

      Yes, the casters can be used on that shelving unit.

      We'll put the information up on the casters product page itself, thank you for letting us know. It's currently on each of the shelving unit pages in the feature bullets. 

      This is the shelving unit you are describing by the measurements.

      Hope that helps.